Social Networking is a great way to reach out into the community, brand your fitness business, and better communicate with both members and prospects. Keeping members plugged-in and engaged is essential for reducing membership attrition.

Just think about it! It’s rare that members who are regularly using their memberships choose to cancel. Cancellations are usually those who are not actively participating. So how do you better communicate with members who become inactive?

Reach them socially and use social media as a customer relations management tool!

Social networking is an effective strategy for keeping members connected to your facility and reducing the risk of cancellation.

Let’s face it! Everyone has interruptions in their exercise routine. Social networking is a great way to minimize the length of those interruptions and reconnect your member with regular usage. Reaching out to members and providing them with fitness tips, nutritional advice and related motivational material will reduce the interruptions that often turn into membership cancellations.

Social networking is also a great way to brand your fitness center, health club, gym, or boutique fitness studio and reach interested membership prospects that connect with your social channels through following or liking.

Healthy Image Fitness through our custom social posting platform will create, maintain and post all your daily content. It’s all done for you!

In addition, we also include social advertising campaign creation and management in our service. That means…we do all the work to create, launch and manage your paid social advertising campaigns but the client is responsible for the campaign budget.

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