The fundamentals of health club website design must take into consideration your intended target audience.

Generally speaking your health club website designs target audience will be:

  1. Members
  2. Prospects

While your health club website design content should satisfy both members and prospects, your facility has certain goals that are important to considerations.

Facility Goals:

  • To maintain current members
  • To attract new members

So how will a health club website design help or hinder your ability to maintain current members and attract new members?

Critical errors that hinder marketing efforts:

  • Poor search engine performance
  • A weak call to action
  • Lack of an ongoing prospect follow up system
  • Out of date content

Poor Search Engine Performance: Most people do not access a website directly, they use a search engine. Members are more likely to search for you by facility name while a prospect is more likely to generalize their search i.e. fitness center, health club, gym, fitness club, health and fitness club, zumba classes, spinning classes, and thousands of other relative search queries.

Weak Call To Action: ‘Call Us Now’ and ‘Contact Us Forms’ are not successful call to action strategies for marketing a health club over the Internet.

Lack Of An Ongoing Prospect Follow Up System: A prospect that visits your website and then exits is nothing more than a statistic in your stats tracker. When this happens you lose your ability to further communicate with the prospect. Essentially your website did not convert the website visitor into a lead. (Learn more about our Virtual Consultant Fitness Center Marketing System)

Out Of Date Content: Old class schedules, expired promotional offers, events that have come and gone are all indications that the website is not being maintained. What impression does that give about your facility?

Helpful health club website design techniques:

  • Ongoing SEO Strategy & Maintenance
  • Trial Pass Registration Forms
  • Backend Follow Up System
  • Current Content

Ongoing SEO Strategy & Maintenance: Search engine optimization is an ongoing strategy to rank your website toward the top of search engine results for as many relevant search queries within your marketplace.

Trial Pass Registration Forms: Providing a trial pass registration form on your website allows interested prospect to register for a trial pass to your health club. Through this registration form you will capture the prospects contact information so that you can follow up with the prospect to book an appointment. In addition, when a prospect register for a trial pass you are essentially tracking the effectiveness of your health club website design for attracting new membership prospects. This process is a very important step in generating prospects and sales from your website.

Backend Follow Up System: Immediately upon trial pass registration your backend follow up system (CRM) should begin a well-planned follow up campaign that brings the prospect through your front door. Learn more about our Virtual Consultant Fitness Center Marketing System)

Current Content: Keep all content up to date at all times.

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